The Gorean Survival Guide For Halsoft V. P.


Warning, This is Adult Material. If You Are Not over the legal age of 18, you may indeed read this to understand a bit better what Gor is, but in VP Gor , at least among those that are sensible, you will not be allowed to participate in Gorean role play of any kind. If you are an adult, you are implored to aid in keeping Gor role play among Adults as it can indeed be sexually explicit in nature.






By Jubei of Ar


All Images are accredited to John Norman as well as any quotes from his chronicles.





Welcome to Gor in Halsoft Virtual Places (VP). You have presently left earth as you know it and entered the World Of Gor. Now is not the time for questions, for if you do not know what Gor is and wander into the wrong areas you may find your journey here to be very short lived. That is where this manual comes into play. You see, I, like you, was once a passenger on the 'Ships of Acquisition' that brought me to Gor. And I, like you, once asked: what is Gor and how did I get here? How you got here I cannot say, but I can tell you what Gor is.

"'Gor,' he said, 'is the name of this world. In all the

languages of this planet, the word means Home Stone.' He

paused, noting my lack of comprehension. 'Home Stone,' he

repeated. 'Simply that.'

'In peasant villages on this world,' he continued, 'each hut

was originally built around a flat stone which was placed in

the center of the circular dwelling. It was carved with the

family sign and was called the Home Stone. It was, so to

speak, a symbol of sovereignty, or territory, and each

peasant, in his own hut, was a sovereign.'

'Later,' said my father, 'Home Stones were used for villages,

and later still for cities. The Home Stone of a village was

always placed in the market; in a city, on the top of the

highest tower. The Home Stone came naturally, in time, to

acquire a mystique, and something of the hot, sweet emotions

as out native peoples of Earth feel towards their flags

became invested in it.'"

Pg 26. Tarnsman of Gor

Now you are probably wondering why I just quoted from the first book in the Gor series. I feel it is a necessity for you to know the books of Gor. I am not saying you need to read them all right now, this very moment, but I would expect you to get them and read them while you are on your journey here in VP Gor. Gor is also known as 'Counter Earth' and it is located exactly opposite earth on the opposite side of the sun, thus making it impossible to see from earth. Here in VP, we do our best to try to role play as closely to the books of John Norman as possible. This is important, as our roots are founded in the books of Gor. If you do not base yourself in these books, then you will only understand what you find on web pages and probably the opinions of others - and maybe even this manual. So, as the author, I implore you to read the books of Gor as you journey.

Here in VP Gor there are many different Homestones and areas that you will encounter. It is important that before you enter any of these Homestones and areas, you read them to see if there are rules for them, other than the general rules I will cover here. Each HomeStone is its own sovereign and has its own rules unless it belongs to a city, then they all follow the rules of the city, and may add to them themselves.


Let us discuss Zones. There are several different zones of Gor in VP. The first and most common zones are No Kill Zones (NKZ) and No Capture Zones (NCZ). You will see those tags on many Gorean pages in vp. While on these pages, you are in a safe zone. You cannot be killed or captured while there, with only a few exceptions. One exception in this zone is if you are not Gorean and are acting in a totally belligerent manner: at that point you will be considered a bug and killed, normally in one post. Second, if you choose the role of a slave, you are safe from capture, but not killing. If you choose the role of a slave, you can be killed at a moments notice by a Gorean if you are acting insolent on the page. Another quick note on Zones would be this, make sure you do as I informed you above, and read the page before you enter it. It may have rules like, "may remove tags at will" and so forth. Though, I, and many other Goreans, do not view this as an honourable practice, it can be there and can happen on those pages.

The next Zones are Patrolled Kill Zones (PKZ) and Patrolled Capture Zones (PCZ). These areas are similar to those of NKZ/NCZ zones. When a Master of that Home Stone or city is not present, the tags are indeed the same as NKZ/NCZ, and considered patrolled by guards of that city or HomeStone. If a Warrior (Owner) of the Home Stone is present, then it is no longer a safe area. Some have changed this rule slightly, stating that two Warriors of that location must be present, but the original rule was the (Owner) Warrior or two Warriors of that City. You may be on a page within a city that is apart of  a dedicated city, but is a singular owned home within it. In this case, Two Warriors of that city must be present  or the Owner of that individual home, I restated it this way to clarify if the rules give some confusion. If you enter a Home Stone that belongs to a Master who is not of Warrior Caste, and he has not altered these rules and displays the PKZ/PCZ tags, you might as well consider it a NKZ/NCZ zone unless otherwise posted and altered to fit his own HomeStone. I will repeat, read the page before entering.

The next zone would be those pages not marked at all and can either be Gorean or non-Gorean rooms. Non Gorean rooms are often referred to as 'vanilla' rooms (or nilla rooms). The term 'vanilla' means non-Gorean or non-D/s and is not a derogatory term. These unmarked pages are to be considered the Wilds of Gor. As long as you have Gor in your ID and are on one of these pages, or are on one of these pages and interacting there as a Gorean, you are not safe. This is a topic that has been debated many times over, but this is how it has been since the beginning of Gor in Vp. If you wish to travel onto these pages and wish to be safe, remove Gor from your ID and do not interact as a Gorean while on them. If it is a Gorean page, then it is not safe as long as you are a Gorean and interacting as a Gorean.

This brings the next subject into bearing. You can put many things in your ID. One is 'Gorean Observing'. If you put this in your ID, then do not interact as a Gorean, the moment you interact as a Gorean, the observing part is over as far as other Goreans are concerned. I have also seen 'Gor Friendly' in people's ID as well. This is very convenient for those who wish to pop in and out of Gor at a whim. If you place this in your ID and interact with the Goreans on the Page, expect to be treated in all mannerisms as a Gorean, which includes falling under all rules of a Gorean. Another is 'Gor learning', pretty much the same as Gorean Observing. The key to any of these ID's other than straight 'Gor' or 'Gorean' is one of interaction. If you choose to interact, be prepared to fall under all rules and jurisdictions of VP Gor and the page you are on. You will find some do not put Gorean in their ID at all. Make no mistake, if they are interacting as a Gorean, they are Gorean.



The next question you may be asking yourself is: what role do I want to take in Gor? There are five main roles that you may take when coming into Gor. Gorean Master, Free Woman, Panther Girl, slave, and the Kurii. There is one other role, and it is Priest King, but know if you choose this role, everyone will consider it blasphemy and not one intelligent Gorean will role play with you as a Priest King, as this would be the equivalent of playing God.

The first is the Gorean Master. Now many will tell you that a Gorean Master is chivalrous, honourable, honest, and a Man among Men. Unfortunately this is not the truth. Though we would like a Gorean Master to be Honourable, that doesn't mean he is or must be. A Gorean Master is simply any Free Male on Gor. Now mind you, most Goreans consider honour a tremendous thing in all they do, but an outlaw, a pirate, and many other scoundrels exist on Gor. As long as you are a Free Male, you are a Gorean Master.

The Next is a Free Woman. Many debate this role on a regular basis. A Free Woman is a Proud woman on Gor. She is in full understanding that she is Free only by the good grace of the Men around her, as Gor is a structured society run mostly by Men. She can be mouthy. She can be demure. She can act arrogant. But she learns her boundaries quickly, so that she does not become a slave at a Master's Feet. A Free women, depending on what area of Gor you are in, for the most part, stays and remains veiled to hide her appearance and protect her from capture. A Free Woman is usually adressed by slaves as Mistress. Men may adress a FW by her name or with some of the Masters in VP Gor, she may be called FW. Now this is just a brief description, there is much more to that role, but this is just to give you an idea of this particular role.

The third Role is that of the Panther Girl. A Panther Girl (PG)is a wild Gorean woman who has fled from Gorean society to live in the forests similar to Amazonian women. Now mind you, a Panther is considered an outlaw on Gor. She is hunted. She runs in Prides with others for protection. She hunts in Groups, and very rarely travels beyond the safety of the forest. The reason they do everything as a group is because the average Gorean female has the strength of about a 12 year old boy. So do not choose this role thinking you can be Xena, you will find yourself at the feet of a Master rather quickly doing that.

The fourth role is that of a slave, a kajira. She is simply just that - a slave. She has no rights other then those given her by her owner. She is to please the Free and serve them in any capacity they may have a need for her. She does not choose whom she will and will not serve. Only her Master may do that. She is no more than a beast, much as cattle or a pet on earth. Do not choose this role if you think you can choose your own rights, you wont survive long. There are no such things as unowned slaves on Gor. If you feel you are a slave or want to explore this role, and you want to have a say in who becomes your Master, I suggest entering Gor as a FW and find the Master you may want, then submit to him. If you do not do it this way, stay in Observe and simply watch and learn. This is the only way you will remain without a collar in VP. If you are a male slave then you would be known as a kajirus. Again there is no such thing as an unowned slave on Gor. Enter as a Free Male and explore and find a Mistress (FW) suitable for you, and then submit to her. Do not IM these women and tell them they may flog you if they so wish. If you choose the role of a slave, watch and observe well, do not IM a Master or Mistress without permission, and pay close attention to the other slaves.

The fifth Role is that of the Kur. A large (8-9') furred mammal having 4 legs, which can stand upright or on all fours; each paw has 6 multiple-jointed digits with retractable claws and an opposing thumb. It has 2 rows of teeth. They are incredibly strong and ferocious, and are carnivorous, regarding humans as food. The Kur are members of an alien race, the Kurii. These Creatures are the enemy of all Goreans. Though I have not encountered anyone who has ever played this role successfully and not sure why anyone would want this role. It is one of your choices. If you do choose it, expect to be hunted down rapidly.


The next thing you will need to do is choose a Caste. Gor is set up on a Caste system.

"The Chamber of the Council is the room in which the elected

representatives of the High Castes of Ko-ro-ba hold their

meetings. Each city has such a chamber. It was in the

widest of cylinders, and the ceiling was at least six times

the height of the normal living level. The ceiling was lit

as if by stars, and the walls were of five colours, applied

laterally, beginning from the bottom - white, blue, yellow,

green, and red, caste colours. Benches of stone, on which

the members of the Council sat, rose in five monumental tiers

about the walls, one tier for each of the High Castes. These

tiers shared the colour of that portion of the wall behind

them, the caste colours.

"The tier nearest the floor, which denoted some preferential

status, the white tier, was occupied by Initiates,

Interpreters of the Will of Priest-Kings. In order, the

ascending tiers, blue, yellow, green, and red, were occupied

by representatives of the Scribes, Builders, Physicians, and


Tarnsman of Gor

The Above describes the order of the High Caste. These of course are not the only castes on Gor, but they are the 5 High Caste. There are no other castes higher then these. You Will Find this structure is rigorous and strict. To loose ones caste is the ultimate dishonour on Gor. There are many other castes on Gor. Assassins, Tarns keepers, slavers, bakers, poets, and so forth. So decide which Caste recognizes you the best and choose it. Now I must interject that after you have chosen a Caste, you seek out others of that Caste and find an apprenticeship. The Caste structure is what aids in keeping a type of Lawful Structure outside the walls of a city while in the wilds of Gor.

"The ethical teachings of Gor, which are independent of the

claims and propositions of the Initiates, amount to little

more than the Caste Codes - collections of sayings whose

origins are lost in antiquity. I was specially drilled in

the Code of the Warrior Caste."

Tarnsman of Gor

So take the time to choose well. I would also like to add that changing Castes is a hard thing to do. You cannot just do it on a whim and you are not allowed to have more then one caste at a time.

At the end of this packet you will find links that will help you read about the castes. They may help you decide what you want to become. Now finally on Castes, there are only three things outside of these castes on Gor. You may choose from those, but I would not suggest again choosing Priest King, no one in VP will recognize you as such. I also want to say that to choose a low caste does not demean you in any way. VP does not look upon the caste structure as well as it should and in most cases they ignore the caste you claim anyways until it becomes an issue to which a fight may be called upon. This is in my way of thinking foolish. If we all work to establish a well based caste system, we together may conquer some of the problems we are having in vp Gorean society.

"There were only three statuses conceivable to

the Gorean mind outside the caste system: slave, outlaw, and

Priest-King. A man who refused to practice his livelihood or

strove to alter status without the consent of the Council of

High Castes was, by definition, an outlaw and subject to


Tarnsman of Gor

Now there are others that I would like to take the time to mention. These are not Castes, but a type of people that can be found on Gor.

The First of these are The Wagon People of Gor.


"The object might not even be with the Wagon Peoples any

longer. And there were four Wagon Peoples, the Paravaci, the

Kataii, the Kassars, and the dreaded Tuchuks."

Nomads Of Gor

These are the Four Tribes of the Wagon People. The Wagon People are not apart of what Goreans would call civilized Gor. They are considered Barbarians, but they are also considered to be among the strongest and harshest people on Gor. They are nomadic and roam the Turian Plains of Gor. These people are fierce but you will also find them intelligent. They do not like it among cities and consider most of civilized Gor the weaker of Gor. They would remind you of the Mongolians of Earth. They herd Bosk, which is like our buffalo on earth, more then a cow. If you choose this group, be wise and visit the tribes of the wagon people in VP Gor and find the one that suits you. Free Women of the Wagon People rarely wear veils among the Wagons. I must tell you, they are not an open People but once you become accepted, there are none better to call Brothers.

"The words for stranger and enemy in Gorean are the


Nomads of Gor

Remember this Quote, it could mean the difference between life and death among more then just the Wagons, but among Goreans in General.



Another Nomadic Group is named the Alars.

"We were now within the laager of Genserix, a chieftain of the Alars, a nomadic, wandering herding people, and one well known, like the folks of Torvaldsland, for their skills with the ax. The larger of the Alars, like that of similar folks, is a fortress of wagons. They are ranged in a closed circle, or concentric, closed circles, draft animals, and women and children within. Also, not unoften, depending on the numbers involved, and particularly when traversing, or sojourning in, dangerous countries, verr, tarsk, and bosk may also be found within the wagon enclosure. Sewage and sanitation, which might be expected to present serious problems, do not do so, because of the frequent moving of the camps."

Mercenaries of Gor

The Alars are not so unlike the Wagon People of Turian Plains, except for a few differences. There are few slaves found among the Alars, in fact, the Free Women of the Alars for the most part hate slaves and kill them. The Alars also camp near civilization for easier trade and such, not like their cousins in the South who despise cities.

"Alars depend for their existence, are taken to justify movements, and sometimes even migrations, of the Alars and kindred peoples. Needless to say, these movements, particularly when they intrude into more settled area, often bring the folk of the laagers into conflict with other peasants and, of course, shortly thereafter, townsfolk and city dwellers who depend on the peasants for their foodstuffs. Also of course, their movements often, from a legal point of view, constitute actual invasions or indisputable territorial infringements, as when, uninvited, they enter areas technically within the jurisdiction or hegemony of given cities or towns.

Sometimes they pay for passage through a country, or pasturage within it, but this is the exception rather than the rule. They are a fierce folk and it would take a courageous town indeed to suggest the suitability or propriety of such an arrangement. From the point of view of the Alars, of course, they feel it is as absurd to pay for pasturage as it would be to pay for air, both of which are required for life. “Without grass the bosk will die,” they say. “The bosk will live,” they add. They often find themselves temporarily within the borders of a town’s or city’s lands, usually about their fringes, but sometimes, depending on the weather and grazing conditions, much deeper within them. Most often little official notice is taken of them, no war challenges being issued, and they are regarded merely as peripheral, unwelcome itinerants, uninvited guests, dangerous, temporary visitors with whom the local folks must for a time live uneasily. It is a rare council or citizenry that does not breathe more easily once the wagons have taken their way out of their lands."

Mercenaries of Gor, pg 44

So As you can see, this is another strong , yet less civilized Group that you may choose from.

Another Group is "Waniyanpi also known as 'The Sames', a community of slaves who exist in the domains of the Kaiila Tribes. They are owned collectively by the tribes within the lands they inhabit. They grow produce and furnish labor when required. They subscribe to a unisex ethos, bound by 'The Teaching' a cult-like dogma of 'sameness' which says that males, females, animals, vegetables, minerals and abstract concepts are all equal to one. Among the many oddities is their aversion to heterosexual sex. They breed publically, though anonymously, monitored by their owners at specified times. Homosexuality is tolerated.", quoted from the turian.

Book 17: Savages of Gor, page 272 and page 291

Book 18: Blood Brothers of Gor, pages 131, 152, 156-157

Red Savages the peoples to inhabit the plains area (Barrens) of Gor. They are racially and culturally distinct from the Red Hunters of the north, being a more slender, longer-limbed people. They are nomadic, their culture being based on the kaiila and the gigantic herds of trident-horned kailiauk. They are further distinguished by cunning, ruthlessness and ferocity. They live to hunt and for internecine warfare, which seems to serve almost as a sport and religion. Their common hatred is for the white man, which takes precedence over all other conflicts.

Book 17: Savages of Gor, page 35


Red Hunters the men of the polar basin, of Indian heritage and similar physically, but culturally distinct from the Red Savages of the Barrens. Their babies are born with a blue spot at the base of their spine. They live as nomads, dependent on the migrations of tabuk, and the sea sleen. The Red Hunters refer to themselves as the Innuit, which, in their tongue means 'The People'. They are few in number, and live in scattered, isolated communities. Culturally, they tend to be gentle, kindly and friendly, even to strangers.

Book 12: Beasts of Gor, pages 36, 155-156, and 188-189

Now there are more savages to list, the tribes and such, but I will leave that for you to read about: this is an introduction, not a dictionary. This is only to give you some ideas as to your choices.


Rules of Combat

These rules are perhaps some of the most widely argued over by VP Goreans. I for one am not trying to set a specific guideline as to how it should be done, but I will describe to you the most commonly used method that I know of. This method is by no means the all-curing method on how it should be done. Again you must decide whether or not you will follow these rules.


1. The said target must be named and intent clearly given to an aggressive action before it takes place.

IE Looks Directly at (Name) and Draws blade.

2. No mortally damaging post may be made before the third post.

3. Only one defensive and one offensive action may be made per post. It may be a combination of the two but never more then one of each.

4. Each post must be a minimum of 5 or more words per post

IE "aims" would not work, it would be something similar to " Aims at his new (target)"

5. One cannot aim a firing weapon and name where it hits in the same post.

IE Aims and fires hitting heart

6. The Death post cannot be made until the 5th and final post.

An example of a good combat:

1. looks at Sedrick and draws sword

2. moves quickly towards the Warrior Sedrick

3. swings blade at his chest

4. cuts into the lungs deeply

5. listens to Sedrick drown on his own blood


An example of poor combat:

1. draws blade

2. swing at head

3. cuts it off

4. watches him die

An example of a good dual action post:

1. parries thrust and counter swings at neck

An example of a poor dual action post:

2. swings at chest and then to throat

As noted above only one offensive and one defensive move can be made per post

Now these are just the general rules of combat, and I am sure some will disagree with what has been said here. That is their opinion, and this is how it has been done since the beginning of VP Gor. Now mind you, you must read the page you are on before you enter it. You may find some HomeStones have a one post rule and other such things. As Goreans, we must be able to adapt to each environment we are in.


As with combat, there are rules to a capture. Again I will emphasize that we tend to argue on this daily, but this is the general rule for captures. If you do not agree with what you see here, then consult further.

1. One must again state name and intent in first post.

IE: looks at kirah pulling out binding fibers

a. this post could be argued, such as where did the binding fibers come from? and such. I find that argument to be ludicrous and looking for a reason to invalidate the capture. It does not matter where the binding fibers came from, they are stating intent to capture. But for all intent and purpose if you wish to be safe on the issue you may also say:

IE looks at kirah pulling out binding fibers from pouch.

2. The second post must in some way move to target.

IE rushes the girl (name was stated in first post) knocking her down.

b. some may argue this and say it is a two action post. To avoid this simply separate the two.

IE rushes the girl before him

knocks her to the ground

3. There is no binding allowed until the third post, period.

IE binds hands and feet together.

4. Finish the capture

5. Claim what is yours in a 5 and final post

Evading Capture

To avoid capture, you must post a two post escape. There is no such thing as a one post evasion. If a Master or Panther Girls have a hold on you, you must break free before running. You may have to counter a move by the opponent, but you must have a minimum of two clear free post too get away.

IE looks at kirah pulling out binding fibers. (attacker)

rises from the ground quickly (attackee)


rushes the girl before him (attacker)

runs from the room fast (attackee)

This is a successful evasion. A non successful evasion would be something like this.

IE looks at kirah pulling out binding fibers. (attacker)

rushes the girl before him (attacker)

rises from the ground quickly (attackee)

knocks her to the ground (attacker)

runs from the room fast (attackee)

This was unsuccessful because a response to being knocked down was needed.

IE rolls away from him quick

These issues are disputed daily, but if you follow these simple rules and techniques you will not fail.

Now some say that a capture or kill must be posted to make it legal. A simple post saying something to the effect that you have captured a slave at a certain time, on a certain page (post addy), and then state that further inquiry to the text may be gained from you. That is all that is needed. Posting a full text of the capture takes up space and generally causes arguments. Those who have an interest in the text will come and see you. No one else matters otherwise. The same applies with a kill.

One quick note: the kill of a slave for the crime of insolence, whether she/he is yours or not, does not need to be posted nor does it have to follow any said procedure for the kill if you own the slave. If you do not own the slave, then intent and target must still be named, giving her or him the chance to flee in a two post escape. But you may kill a slave, whether on a NKZ or not, as I covered earlier in this guide. Compensation for a dead slave may be requested by the owner.

The Rules of Combat are currently under a reconstruction phase within some cities, to include that of Ar. To discover The Rules of Combat in Ar follow the bellow link.

Protocol and Etiquette


When a girl is serving refreshments, she is not allowed to greet anyone entering the room until she has finished the serve and has been given permission to greet. If the girl is not released from the feet of the Master she has served, she is still 'in service' to that Master and is not allowed to serve any other. Newbie Masters and FW are often unaware of this.

Instant Messages

Refrain from IM'ing a slave while she is serving. Serving requires concentration to detail while at the same time listening to the chat in the room. A slave will often comment on room chat to enhance her serve (especially humorous chat) and to show the Free that she is paying attention.

Giving Gifts to Slaves you do not Own

Slaves need to give pleasure - it is the very reason they exist - yet some Masters (for some unknown reason) insist upon giving slaves gifts and trinkets for doing nothing other than being slaves. Taking into account that a slave is allowed to own nothing except whatever her Master sees fit, then the giving of gifts from other Masters may be seen as offensive. If you feel the need to show your appreciation for a particularly outstanding serve or dance, then reward the slave with a coin so she can take it to her Master. Such a simple gesture is satisfying to all concerned.

Note: coins are placed on the girl's tongue.

Pride and Loss of Face

All Masters (and especially newbies) are destined to make mistakes. When these mistakes happen they will inevitably be remarked upon - and sometimes unkindly. Pride, and the subsequent temptation to save face, may lead to squabbles and even death. Pride in a Master, though commendable, can sometimes be negative. Best thing to do if you make a mistake is to acknowledge it and learn.


Gorean Master